The sunglasses to wear this summer

Scrolling through our Instagram feed, we will see tons of selfies of celebrities who complete their look with sunglasses.

It is in fact an essential accessory for spring/summer that can really transform an “ordinary” outfit into something more..!

We’re sure you already have 2 or 3 styles in your wardrobe, but why not add a few to breathe new life into your looks?

Classic aviator
These iconic sunglasses are the perfect option to make no mistake, with a widely tested model, like this one from Polaroid!

Round tortoiseshell acetate
Round sunglasses are not suitable for all face types, but this model from Swarovski for example is perfect for anyone!

Oversized sunglasses are a must for having an early morning coffee, when you want to be undercover (and hide dark circles), but also to shelter your eyes from the summer sun. Try these ones by Dior, with a touch of color!

Vintage retro
Do you want to be on the safe side? Then go for a retro model, like these Gucci sunglasses, which are an evergreen, straight from the 70s!

Do you want to feel as if you were on holiday with a pair of colored glasses? Then take a look at this model by Lanvin, perfect for sunny days!


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