Gucci announces its new climate plan 🌳

In recent years, the issue of sustainability in the fashion field has become increasingly important. Gucci is among the fashion maisons that have come closest to this challenge: in fact, since 2018, it has been committed to following a sustainability strategy that every year aims to reduce inevitable greenhouse gas emissions thanks to natural solutions.

Yesterday Gucci announced a new step forward to protect the planet, thanks to new initiatives.
Here’s what Gucci’s new Natural Climate Solutions Portfolio establishes:

“We want to be part of the solution in favor of nature and the climate, integrating virtuous practices and systems that transform nature itself from a victim to a protagonist of climate change and which, ultimately, will determine the future of our planet. Based on science, Gucci’s new Natural Climate Solutions Portfolio protects and regenerates important ecosystems that mitigate climate change, while ensuring biodiversity conservation and climate benefits for the future.

Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci


So we just have to congratulate Gucci on its sustainable future and the great challenge that awaits it!

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