Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most used social platforms today.

If you have an online presence, it is almost impossible not to be present on Instagram too. As a social network based on photos and filters, over the years it has become a truly advanced marketing tool, with hundreds of features and continuous updates.

But let’s see together what are the 10 most important functions, which will help increase your visibility and your online business:

  1. live video | it gives you the opportunity to start a video in real time and interact directly with your followers. You can also save the video to replay in Stories, invite anyone who is watching the live broadcast to interact with you by appearing in the video and you have the chance to talk to your followers and ask them for an opinion live. To increase engagement, try to present a new product/brand live, to show behind-the-scenes of your work, to hold a q&a session or to review an item.
  2. IGTV | it allows you to upload longer videos up to an hour. Instagram automatically shows videos based on user activity and interests. To diversify your content, you can create vlogs to share your daily life, invite influencers or public personalities to give greater credibility to your business, show tutorials or feedback from your customers on the products you sell.
  3. geo-tagging | with this function you can tag a physical location in your content, so when a user clicks on the tag it is brought to a collection of all the posts tagged with that location. You can allow your followers to register at your location and thus increase your audience.
  4. hashtag | it is perhaps the most used feature. Clicking on a user’s tag leads to a collection of posts with that tag. You can add them to posts, stories, videos and IGTV videos, you can create new ones and you can search for similar hashtags. Use ad hoc keywords so that your followers can find you in their search, even if they don’t follow you yet!
  5. stories | they are used every day by more than 500 million people and allow you to add photos or short videos in the form of a presentation, which will only be visible for 24 hours and which have a very high degree of customization available. The stories have a duration of 15 seconds, therefore they are easily watchable; use them to conduct surveys, ask direct questions and to offer testimonials or tutorials or to show excerpts from everyday life that you don’t usually show in posts.
  6. image & video editing | you can use the Instagram editor to edit your photos and make them perfect, make your products more attractive or publish a set of photos in sequence.
  7. Instagram Ads | these are sponsored content that you pay for and are useful for attracting users, increasing traffic on your site and boosting your sales. To have the correct Ads, you need to identify your target based on gender, age and interests. Therefore pay attention to the feedback of your audience and create ad hoc content, use the correct Calls-To-Action, etc.
  8. Instagram Analytics | it is an in-app tool that analyzes the traffic data generated by your Instagram page and gives you important information about your users, so that you can study suitable specific contents.
  9. shoppable tags | allows a user to purchase an article on Instagram without leaving the app and can be added to any content, thus shortening the user’s journey. Do not overuse them, briefly describe the tagged article and use effective and captivating photos.
  10. Instagram Creator Studio | it is a tool that shows the daily growth of the audience and allows more advanced content management, for example by allowing you to program posts and stories, to see what users are doing with your posts and to organize and search for other content. By doing this you can better manage your page, create new interesting content and improve your posts thanks to the metrics on your followers’ interactions.

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