“Visitors to my e-commerce are growing, but sales are not… how can I increase the conversion rate from simple visitors to real customers?”

One of the tools to exploit to achieve this objective is Calls-to-Action (CTA), those magical buttons that, scattered here and there on the site, lead to an action or, better yet, to a sale.
Writing targeted CTAs is essential.

Here are some tips:

  • Use verbs that denote an action, such as “get”, “click”, “buy”, “receive”, etc.
  • Be short, use 2 to 5 words at most, so that it is immediate and stands out.
  • Give a sense of urgency by using words like “now”, “immediately”, “asap”.
  • Using words like “Yes” or “Get” is one way to attract clicks.
  • Offer everything you can for FREE. Who wouldn’t accept something that’s already free? Give your visitors a taste of what they can obtain (by paying) with your services.
  • Enter digits, numbers don’t lie! For example, if you write “join the 100,000 registered users” it will be much easier for new users to register by clicking on your CTA.
  • Remember that you don’t have to beg anyone, give your personal touch to the CTA and above all experiment! Test different types of Calls-To-Action and try to understand what works best.

The most important aspect, therefore, is to attract the greatest number of visitors and clicks on your site. The conversion rate directly depends on how many clicks you receive and how you push them to purchase, therefore the more you receive the better.
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