E-franchising: a guaranteed return on ad spend

Be wary of those who say that making money online is easy and that you can become a millionaire in a few months.

The competition is very strong and large groups such as Zalando and Amazon often set prices below cost on best-selling products to attract new customers…
On the other hand, online sales are growing exponentially, all the data and research prove it. So what is the solution for doing business online and making money?

Our answer is E-Franchising!
With E-Franchising you can become the exclusive online reseller in your country for our most targeted digital brands.
The projects available in e-franchising are targeted to specific market niches, thanks to which it’s possible to start an online profitable activity in a simple and safe way.

Here are the features of the service:

  • you will receive a turnkey e-commerce site, ready for use
  • no graphics costs: we give you professional photos and graphics for the site and social networks
  • the target is well defined: market research will not be necessary to understand where to turn
  • no warehouse risk: you won’t have to worry about buying the goods first
  • efficient logistics system at your disposal
  • national exclusive: only you can sell the brand of your choice in your country

It is a winning project, already tested by us! We are not talking about abstract concepts, but about real results that we want to help you achieve.
Of course you will have to make a little effort, but think that you will only have to deal with marketing and promote the brand, without any other worries.

See for yourself the results we have already achieved:

Duca Di Morrone
ROAS growth: up to 12.17


SPARCO® Fashion
ROAS growth: up to 22.90


ROAS growth: up to 6.92


Have we convinced you?

Then send your application online now and we will contact you!