One of the factors that often makes the difference between an online business and a successful online business is logistics.

We are in the age of speed, nobody has the time (or desire!) to wait for days, if not weeks, for their order placed online. This is why it is important that for your online business you rely on logistics partners who ensure fast and efficient shipments.

Here are some reasons why it is now a necessary asset:

  1. down with the wait
    nobody likes to wait, let’s face it. In this era, speed is everything, as well as immediate gratification. Studies have shown that the customer expects to receive an order within a week at most. If time increases, dissatisfaction increases with it!
  2. the Chinese connection
    dropshipping was born as a shipping model between the U.S. and China, but with the duties imposed by Trump, the growing demand for quality and the very long (sometimes infinite!) waits for goods reception, not to mention the buyer/seller communication difficulties, the model is destined to have an important drop, in favor of dropshipping between nearest countries.
  3. competition increases
    nowadays anyone can open their own online store thanks to the internet. The products are sometimes sold by many sites, therefore the fast shipping is what really makes the difference. Many carts are abandoned precisely because of long and very expensive shipments.
  4. conquer your customers
    to ensure that customers still buy on your e-commerce, all the time saved with dropshipping, thanks to fast shipments, must be invested to build effective relationships and communications with your customers and to optimize the customer experience.

The key is therefore to lean on reliable suppliers, who are present and offering fast and convenient shipments, which is proving more and more to hold the balance of power in the customers’ choices.

Trust DroppyBrands for your dropshipping business, without stress, without warehouse risks and with fast and reliable shipments within 24 hours and with the best transport companies in the world. Thanks to our services you will save time and money, we will take care of everything!

We really hope these tips can be useful for your online business with DroppyBrands!