Trust is the basis of every seller-buyer interaction.
So how do you win over your customers’ trust, if you have just started your business or sell a new item or brand?

We give you 5 tips that will let you create a perfect bond with your customers:

  1. Build the perfect homepage
    Of course, when a customer lands on your e-commerce for the first time, the first thing he sees is the homepage, which must be attractive and inspire security. It must also have curated content, with high-definition photos, menus and categories that are easy to navigate, currency and language consistent with that of your customers.
    Remember that, with the DroppyBrands turnkey solution, your e-commerce will have all this already included and ready to use! And, if you want, you can have fun customizing content to make your site even more personalized.
  2. Provide all necessary information
    Make sure you provide all the product information, that the search bar is effective, and the product pages are very detailed and accurate. For example you should provide multiple photos for each product, accurate and legible descriptions, size charts and customer reviews. Of course, the DroppyBrands team worked for you on this too! In fact, we provide professional photos for your e-commerce, with multiple views for each individual product.
  3. Tell your story
    Many customers visit the “About us” section because they want to know more about how a business was born, if it is stable and if it is possible to have reliable communication channels. It is therefore important, for example, to populate the page, provide contacts, perhaps even a phone number and an e-mail, and maybe introduce a live chat so that customers can contact you in real time.
  4. Give space to your social channels
    Who doesn’t check their social networks daily? So give them space on your e-commerce, create posts often and involve followers on Instagram and Facebook, let customers post photos of your products and insert links to social profiles in your store.
  5. Offer your customers a simple experience
    How much does the product cost? How much is shipping? Are there any extra fees to pay? Are there any special discounts? What payment options are available? These are the doubts that each customer has when making a purchase and that you will have to try to dispel, by entering a return policy for example, or adding a Wishlist, a field for discount codes and the most popular payment methods.


Getting the trust of your customers is a long but necessary process for all companies and through these small but important measures, your customers will find it so easy to buy on your e-commerce that they will come back and spread the word!
At the same time you will see sales increase and your business grow. Not bad, right?

Remember that with the help of DroppyBrands it will be much easier for you to make your e-commerce clear, clean and reliable! Our basic templates are also mobile friendly and have been created to allow customers to have an optimal browsing experience. In addition, in the Photo Download section you will find useful images and editorial materials.

We really hope these suggestions will be helpful for your online business with DroppyBrands!