The acquisition of new customers is a fundamental process for all companies, from the most established to the newly created ones.
But this is not a random result, as many think.

How to acquire new customers then? Here are 6 moves:

  • advertise online – the main platforms for paid advertising are Google Ads and Facebook Ads, but almost all marketplaces and social platforms offer this service.
    The benefits are a rapid user growth and the possibility to customize ads.
  • getting endorsements by influencers – it’s the new frontier of advertising, as long as you find someone suitable, who has a lot of followers, who is really interested in or related to your sector and who is able to make the most of it.
    This certainly leads to an increase in notoriety but can also lead to conquering niche audiences thanks to the involvement of micro influencers.
  • mailing list – the creation of mailing lists is very effective for companies and this can be done through registration forms on their site or by offering discounts on their first purchase. The results that can be obtained are the possibility of continuing to contact customers automatically, involving them over time, and the possibility of collecting data on members.
  • word of mouth – the recommendations made personally by friends and relatives have a great relevance and often bring amazing results in terms of conversions! Therefore reward your customers every time they bring you new contacts, perhaps through special discounts or prizes.
    Among the advantages of this strategy are certainly the low costs, the possibility that customers make other orders and also the loyalty of users.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) – It is essential to identify the keywords and introduce them into the contents of your website, so that searches through Google or other search engines bring customers to your site as much as possible. In this way you can certainly increase access to your site and keep it over time.
  • use of social media – nowadays it is vital to use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, in order to attract many more customers through immediate sharing methods. Obviously the profile must be updated constantly.


This strategy definitely generates more traffic (through tags, likes and shares) and simultaneously gives more authority to the company.

To increase your customers and therefore your earnings, try using these strategies, based on your type of activity, and remember that with DroppyBrands, in the Photo Download section, you will have images and editorial materials useful for your advertising campaigns.

We really hope these suggestions will be helpful for your online business with DroppyBrands!