BDroppy finds a new partner in Assocalzaturifici

Brandsdistribution is pleased to announce a new great partnership between the group’s new dropshipping platform, BDroppy, and Assocalzaturifici, the Association representing national industrial companies operating in the footwear production sector

Thanks to this collaboration, Italian footwear made in Italy brands will be able to sell their items to a network of 450,000 online retailers worldwide. This is a great opportunity to get back into the game and take advantage of the online sales channel, which in this period of serious emergency offers important additional resources in order not to stop sales.

The President of Assocalzaturifici Siro Badon believes that this is a great opportunity for many companies that still do not take advantage of e-commerce, to immediately have an international online sales network, thanks to the support of an experienced player like Brandsdistribution. The footwear sector in retail can no longer be limited to physical sales only, but must also have the support of the online universe.