Are you a digital entrepreneur with a strong experience in launching online projects?

Thanks to the innovative e-franchising formula, Brandsdistribution gives the chance to become exclusive online resellers on a national level of some of the digital brands mostly targeted as for audience and product category.

We’ve already launched the e-franchising project with brands like MADEINITALIA and Sparco, confirming the effectiveness of the business model with excellent selling results in several countries.

That’s why we’re providing other projects on which we are sure we will have an equally positive response.

New brands available for e-franchising!

For those who want to address a male target with a shoes collection at unbeatable prices, here’s Duca di Morrone, a brand characterised by its young and versatile design.

The e-franchising formula is also available for AYAY, the first Italian cosmetic line dedicated to women intimate parts. A few months after the launch, the brand is achieving great success thanks to the peculiarities of the product, the lack of direct competitors and its ironic language, strongly appreciated by the internet.

What does the e-franchising package include?

With e-franchising, Brandsdistribution guarantees:

  • The creation of an e-commerce in the desired language with the official domain of the brand and uploaded products
  • No warehouse risks, since products don’t have to be purchased before receiving orders from final customers
  • The access to our professional photos and videos archive for marketing campaigns
  • The warehouse management and the logistics support of Brandsdistribution

The e-franchisee will only deal with the management of the promotion and marketing activities, focused on increasing the sales volumes in their own country.

Would you like to become an exclusive reseller of one of our brands in your country?