New trends: Live stream shopping is going mainstream

Telesales are coming back?

Kind of looks like it. At least that seems to be the latest trend of digital marketing in China.

The Chinese e-commerce TMall, the celebrity Kim Kardashian and Viya Huang, a famous influencer in China, demonstrate it very well during Single Day last November (their Black Friday).

For that event, the giant of e-commerce organized with the two influencers a live streaming session to promote KKW perfume with 13 million people connected, and in a few minutes Kim Kardashian had already sold 15 thousand bottles of his stock.

The innovative sales formula is called Live stream shopping and is going mainstream throughout Asia.

The mechanism is simple. Organize live streaming in which popular people talk about products, and users can purchase them in real-time with one click. The concept of live stream shopping incorporates the traditional and passed model of telesales and adapts it to 2.0 technological trends through the figure of the influencers and the live viewing on online platforms.

Undoubtedly, a model of significant impact. From one side because of the presence of influencers who promote the exclusivity and convenience of products, from the other side because it gives a human touch to the cold and impersonal process of online purchase.

Only in China, the business of “online teleshopping” has generated sales for 4,4 billion of dollars in 2018 and it appears set to rise further, by opening new opportunities even to the companies of the Western world.

A trend that highlights once more the importance of coming up with new ways to promote business and attract new customers, also by using unusual communication channels.

To create a successful business can be used different strategies of communication, but one thing is sure: you need to invest in marketing!

If you have a fashion shop or e-commerce, you can start by considering two options:

  • Begin to promote your business at “zero cost,” starting from your referral network and community
  • If you are in a budget, even limited, you can access to the classic paid advertising channels and invest in more structured digital marketing campaigns

The important thing is never standing still!

Good sales! 😉

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