Black Friday is pretty close! As you know, we care about your dropshipping business and we’d love to see that it performs at best at this time. Here’s why we want to give you some ideas to help you scale up your sales.

This year, the most important day for shopping online worldwide is on the 29th of November. Time is short, but you can still take advantage of this post to get ready for the event. In the following lines, you will find 7 tips to get a successful Black Friday.

1. Make sure that your store is ready

On the technical side, control that your shop is well-equipped to support peaks of sales of Black Friday without downtimes. Contact your hosting provider and test the technical performance of your platform. Make sure that your shopping experience is excellent, from any point of view. For instance, check if the payment systems work correctly and if check-out is fast and easy enough.

2. A deal an hour

Provide to your customers very short limited time promotions, also of a few hours. The urgency effect is always successful and will drive high-traffic to your store. Those kinds of offers are an excellent way to push users to conclude their purchasing process. But not only that, limited-time offers bring a mistery with them and make your visitors come back to discover your new deals.

3. Add new products

Enter new products in your catalog is always a strategic move. That stimulates the curiosity of all users, both regular visitors and new clients. In particular, for Black Friday you can add new products available only for that day, highlighting the exclusivity of the deal.

4. Use e-mails for shopping cart abandonment

E-mail marketing can be a useful tool to turn shopping cart abandonment in sales, trying to convert all the users that have entered your products in the shopping cart without a subsequent purchase. In this way, you can take advantage of the e-mails not only to promote your deals but also pushing users to send their orders.

5. Create a Gift Guide

Gift Guides are widely used during holidays and are always highly successful. They help you to drive consumers to the products you want to sell but also give a sense of direction for novices shopping for gifts. You can create Gift Guides for product categories or specific targets. During Black Friday, a guide for Christmas gifts could be viral.

6. Extend your offers until Cyber Monday

Another trick is to extend Black Friday promotions until Cyber Monday. Indeed, the Monday after Black Friday is focused on sales on the internet and all the online resellers can take advantage of this chance to keep earning thanks to special discounts.

7. One last chance

Offer to your customers the last opportunity to benefit from your exclusive offers! Often users are completely overwhelmed by advertising and may have lost your deals. You can use your mailing list to send them a last e-mail warning them that your promotion is going to expire and giving them the last possibility to buy your products at amazing prices. Believe me, it works!

Are you ready for big sales?