Single Day: the largest event about shopping online is Chinese

Single Day is coming!

November the 11th, China celebrates the Single Day, the largest event of online shopping worldwide.

A curious thing: that particular data was chosen because of its single numbers (1,1).

Single Day, famous all around the world, overcame Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined, the most important days for e-commerce businesses in the Western area.

The event became a celebration on a global scale since 2009, when the giant of e-commerce Alibaba turned the Chinese holiday into a great business opportunity, by inciting single people to celebrate their freedom purchasing something for themselves. For that occasion, it offers big sales discounts and created a real event around this day. This year Alibaba has obtained a sales record of $30,7 billion.

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But actually, Chinese Single Day represents an excellent opportunity for any e-commerce site. Indeed, Western brands are on top of the list for Chinese users. In particular, British brands gained the best sales during this day: over half of Chinese consumers bought products from Britain. From luxury to low price fashion brands, British style won.

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