Optimize your Shopify store for Black Friday and Christmas Sales with BrandSync App

It’s time for you to seize your best opportunities to boost your business!

Are you ready for your Black Friday and Christmas sales?

Offer your customers the products from the best designer brands and accessories.

Thanks to our Shopify integration you can have all of Brandsdistribution products directly available on your Shopify store and start selling them immediately.

You will be able to set up the best Black Friday and Christmas promotions on our over 120 top brands and rely on our fast shipments without risking your inventory nor worrying about shipments.

The Brandsdistribution App for Shopify enables you to easily and quickly integrate the Brandsdistribution catalogue into your Shopify store and start selling in dropshipping without worrying about inventory, packaging or shipping the products to your customers.

Why Shopify + Brandsdistribution?

Shopify is the leading e-commerce solution with more than 800,000 online stores. The e-commerce platform offers all the tools you need to set up and launch your online store in a few minutes.

Thanks to 10 years experience in online sales, Brandsdistribution is the reference point for anyone interested in starting a successful dropshipping business. At Brandsdistribution.com you can find a huge catalogue of branded clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to add to your store.

If you already have a dropshipping subscription with Brandsdistribution choose the ‘APP Only’’ version for $ 19.90 per month.

If you still do not have an active dropshipping subscription choose the version APP + DROPSHIPPING for $ 99 per month.

To activate the free trial you will be prompted for the link to your Shopify store (if you don’t already have one, create it on www.Shopify.com in a few clicks). Once you have inserted the link you will be redirected to your Shopify dashboard to proceed with the installation of the App.