BrandsSync is the trendiest app on Shopify!

Every week Shopify selects and features high-quality apps in the Staff picks section on the Shopify App Store homepage. Today BrandsSync App has been chosen from Shopify staff among the best available apps in the official App Store!

Shopify is the most used e-commerce platform that offers you the necessary tools to launch your online store in a few minutes.

Open your store with Shopify and import thousands of branded clothes and accessories from

The Brandsdistribution App for Shopify enables you to easily and quickly integrate the Brandsdistribution catalog into your Shopify store and start selling in dropshipping without worrying about inventory, packaging or shipping the products to your customers.

Why Shopify + Brandsdistribution?

Shopify is the leading e-commerce solution with more than 800,000 online stores. The e-commerce platform offers all the tools you need to set up and launch your online store in a few minutes.

Thanks to 10 years experience in online sales, Brandsdistribution is the reference point for anyone interested in starting a successful dropshipping business. At you can find a huge catalog of branded clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to add to your store.

About BrandsSync

Brandsdistribution dropshipping service for your Shopify store

Create a shop with the best fashion brands in the world. Sell without having a warehouse with dropshipping. Import the products into your Shopify store, choose the prices and sell: Brandsdistribution takes care of the shipping!

Find, list and sell over 5,000 fashion products

BrandsSync allows you to find the best fashion products in dropshipping for your Shopify store. In a simple and fast way it is possible to import products, view the products already published and those available in the inventory.

Detailed product catalog data

The product sheets are all accompanied by detailed descriptions of the goods on sale. Each product is categorized and includes the country of production and the materials. Your customers will be able to buy high-quality fashion products with maximum transparency.

Pricing Rules

With BrandsSync it is possible to set markup rules on categories or sub-categories of products, on brands and in general for groups of tags. Brandsdistributions price update is automatic and your margin will always be protected!

Inventory Updates

The products imported into your online store are always synchronized with the Brandsdistribution warehouse. This will prevent you from selling products that are no longer available.

Tracking order

From the BrandsSync dashboard, you can check the status of orders in the preparation and shipment phase by Brandsdistribution. In this way, you can always guarantee your customers maximum transparency and information on order management.

Quickly fulfill orders

Fulfill as many orders as you can sell in seconds, without EVER touching the product! BrandsSync by Brandsdistribution truly has everything you need to run your fashion business.

Easy Product Variant Setup

Organize your e-commerce site by presenting your products in an appealing way. With BrandsSync you can decide how to organize your shop!

No problem shipping

Safe and fast shipping with international couriers. Your orders are in the hands of industry professionals.


If you already have a dropshipping subscription with Brandsdistribution choose the ‘APP Only’’ version for $ 19.90 per month.

If you still do not have an active dropshipping subscription choose the version APP + DROPSHIPPING for $ 99 per month.


To activate the free trial you will be prompted for the link to your Shopify store (if you don’t already have one, create it on in a few clicks). Once you have inserted the link you will be redirected to your Shopify dashboard to proceed with the installation of the App.