CHAPTER 16 – E-franchising: how to start a franchising business online


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E-franchising: the future of e-commerce

From franchising to e-franchising: the digital franchising is a revolutionary business model introduced by Brandsdistribution.

Through e-franchising it is possible to launch an e-commerce business specialized in the exclusive sale of the products of a certain brand in dropshipping, with a minimum initial investment and with the logistic support of Brandsdistribution.

The brand chosen by Brandsdistribution for the launch of this innovative project is the well-known brand of clothing SPARCO® Fashion.

In addition to dealing with logistics and shipments to the end customer, Brandsdistribution provides the e-franchisee – with everything needed to manage its online franchise business, guaranteeing the exclusivity of the SPARCO® Fashion distribution at a national level.

The affiliate partners need to have digital marketings skills to promote SPARCO® Fashion in their own country. Business development started from Italy to expand throughout Europe, specifically in Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary and Romania.

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  • The e-commerce WEBsite: an intuitive and user-friendly platform
  • The SPARCO® Fashion product catalogue always up-to-dated
  • The guidelines of the SPARCO® Fashion brand
  • Editorial content and photographic material created by our photographers

Take a look at the example website and the marketing material provided 

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