Chapter 13 – Web Push notifications: what are and why you should use them for marketing

What are Push Notifications?

The Push Notifications represent a direct communication channel with the visitors of a website as they allow the automatic sending of personalized messages to the user’s device even if it is not browsing or if it does not have a web browser open at that precise moment.

The user who has push notification enabled receives notifications on his desktop or smartphone, via a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Integrating Push Notifications into your marketing strategy will help you increase visits to your site and conversions.

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 Push Notification


To receive push notifications, visitors to your site will need to enable them simply by clicking “Allow” when they will see the notice like the one in the example below, without having to share sensitive data such as their e-mail.

accept push notification


What are Push Notifications for?

Push notifications have different purposes and allow customers to be redirected to specific pages of interest. You can use them mainly for:

  • send customers promotions and special offers
  • inform customers about new arrivals
  • send service messages to customers

We advise you to send customized and targeted push notifications, so as to involve the right users with targeted communications based on their interests but above all to increase the opening and conversion rates.

In addition, you can take advantage of this tool to automatically “wake up” visitors who are no longer active.

Below are several ways to send push notifications.

The most popular platforms:


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