Meet Zoltán Csányi

Today we had a chat with Zoltán Csányi from hdiShop.hu


Let’s talk about your online business. Tell us something about your online store.

HdiShop is the Hungarian e-commerce launched back in 2004 which introduced my offline store to the online world. The idea -which is our core philosophy- is to offer to the Hungarian people premium quality underwear and clothing.

We’re importing high-quality products from Italy, Germany and Poland, as well as running our own brand of socks. We have a great relationship with the biggest lingerie distributors, managing to offer high-end brands like Calvin Klein and specific brands like Geographical Norway to our customers. We please the younger aged customers as well thanks to brands like DC Comics and Marvel.

Thanks to the evolving Hungarian market, people are trending from the low durability, fast fashion clothing to better quality, long life products. This evolution helps us to increase our market share every year.

For how many years have you worked with Brandsdistribution.com?

We have been working with Brandsdistribution.com since 2018. We’ve built a great partnership this year. They’ve shown exceptional professionalism throughout the whole process.


What is your favourite product category?

The biggest slice of our profit is coming from the lingerie sales for both women and men. Shirts and T-shirts belong also to our customers’ favourite product categories.


Why did you choose to buy and sell online and which are the benefits for you?

I believe that every person deserves to wear proper clothes. Thanks to the the digital revolution, much more people have access to the internet and web stores.

The online world gave me a great opportunity to reach more people and offer them durable, affordable, high-quality clothing.

Thanks to online shopping, the customers don’t have to travel long distances in order to buy their favourite clothes and so they’re able to save money and time. Above that, online shopping contributes to reducing CO2 emission, leaving a lighter ecological footprint as well.


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