Designer Brands Shopp

Meet Angela Goodwin

Today we had a chat with Angela Goodwin from DesignerBrandShopp – the online fashion retailer of authentic designer apparel and accessories.


Let’s talk about your online business. Tell us something about your site

At DesignerBrandShopp we are passionate about style and fashion and love being able to make amazing and exclusive brands available to everyone.

We are delighted with the new ranges that Brandsdistribution is selling and hope to be able to attract a more discerning customer.

Our business is mainly based in the UK and it has been challenging over the past year with Brexit uncertainty and but we are confident we will continue to grow our success.  We continue to try and introduce more brands to the UK market daily.


For how many years have you worked with and what do you think about our Dropshipping service?

We registered with Brandsdistribution in 2016 and initially just ordered in bulk to sell on Amazon but started our shop at the end of 2017 and although there is still lots of room for growth it is looking positive.

We have found the Brandsdistribution dropshipping model to be very reliable, they are constantly adding new ranges as well as automating the buying process.


What is your favourite product?

The first time I saw the Love Moschino range I knew it was going to be well received in the UK – the quirky, colourful, fun style that embraces Love can’t help but please the heart and the eye 🙂


What is the best deal you made so far?

We have sold a Dolce & Gabbana Blazer around the £500 mark but the most we sold at one time were 3 bags and a wallet over Christmas.


What do you think about e-commerce in the different countries you work?

Our main market is the UK but we have sold a few items in the USA and Europe.  The fashion market is very competitive and can be overshadowed by product confidence regarding authenticity so it is important to work on your company brand to grow consumer confidence.


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