Meet Betina Mikkelsen

Malacus - Brandsdistribution

Today we had a chat with Betina Mikkelsen, owner of the online store where you can find a wide selection of high-quality brands.


Let’s talk about your online business. Tell us something about is a Danish web-shop with roots going back to 2015. In Latin Malacus means “sophisticated”, “rarefied” and “delicate”.

Initially, the idea was to offer customers in Denmark/Nordics a unique selection of high-end brands which had not been sold in Denmark before.

We entered into relationships with four very unique “niche” brands- which were worn by multiple celebs around the world. However, it was very difficult for us to penetrate the market with these four brands as they were not known in this part of the world and after years where we struggled with low sales, we decided to look for more common brands to include in our offerings. This is where our collaboration with Brandsdistribution began.

With Brandsdistribution’s broad selection of well-known high-quality brands, we began to see growing sales. is a small firm and our philosophy is, that rather being a small company with close relations to our customer than being a big firm with distance. Orderliness is our DNA and we strive every day to live up to this in all manner. Our concept is that all orders are sent to us and then we re-pack the items in our own packing with the Malacus brand. We also add inserts with a personal handwritten note. That way we feel that we can build a close relationship with the customer which is very important for us.

We are happy to see continued sales growth in Denmark and we expect to launch, (Sweden) in 2019.

For how many years have you worked with and what do you think about our Dropshipping service?

We began to work with Brandsdistribution in early 2018 and the relationship has been a game changer for

The dropshipping integration went smooth and easy and it only took a couple of weeks before we were fully integrated and ready to begin to sell the items from Brandsdistribution on

Every step of the process – from we put an order till we receive the item –  it is handled extremely professional by Brandsdistribution. The shown inventory is always correct in numbers and there is a broad selection of strong brands with good pricing. We also appreciate the many discounts there is on various brands from time to time. We believe that this level of consistency is very important in the e-commerce business to be successful and we are indeed very happy to work with Brandsdistribution in all matters and we are looking forward to a long term fruitful relationship.

What is your favourite product?

It is difficult to point out a single favourite product as we think Brandsdistribution offers many great products such as Laura Biagiotti and Versace Jeans. It also depends on the season: this winter we have sold a lot of UGG boots and jackets from Geographical Norway. In summer 2018, we sold a lot of sunglasses from Balmain and Ray Ban. As we grow the relationships with our customer we expect to see more sales coming from high-end brands like Furla and Coach.

What is the best deal you made so far?

The Australian UGG boots have been one of the bestsellers.

What do you think about e-commerce in the different countries you work?

As for now we only operate in Denmark, (and Sweden through a platform), and therefore it is difficult to give our view on e-commerce in other countries.


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