Chapter 11 – Promotions: how to import prices

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To make it easier for you to create your promotions, follow these steps.

There are 2 ways to import the prices:

If you calculate the price starting from the “TAXABLE” value, we have recently added the “Discount percentage” column with the discount percentages to be applied on the “Taxable” price itself and have, as a result, your purchase price VAT not included on which you can apply the desired mark-up. (If you use the xml file, you will find the “Taxable” under the “Best Taxable” with the discounts already applied)


If you import the price starting from the value “SUGGESTED PRICE”, the “Suggested Price” have been adjusted to the sales that we are currently doing on the products. Please make sure to have them updated on your shop, so you can offer your customers the advantageous promotions that are available at the moment.





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