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Best by web is the new fashion e-commerce synchronised with Brandsdistribution’s catalogue.

In the following interview, the owner Stefano Cavezzi explained what had prompted him to start an e-commerce business.




What prompted you to open an online store?

The decision to approach with the e-commerce world comes from the experience we gained in fashion shows, events and productions in the field of fashion and from the need to diversify our business, still remaining in the same sector. A new and stimulating path, parallel and not substitutive to our current core business.


Why EasyCommerce?

Easy Commerce appeared to me the smartest opportunity on the market, considering the opportunity of the turnkey service and a low investment. I’m sure it will be an exciting experience that will offer even more engaging future scenarios.


Why did you decide to rely on Brandsdistribution?

The reason lies mainly in their brand reputation in addition to their proven professionalism and documented experience in the e-commerce sector. These are the key factors that led me to choose Brandsdistribution to support my debut in online sales.


The fastest and most affordable solution to develop your online fashion business.

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