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Do you want to receive real-time promotions?

Push notification - Brandsdistribution

If you answered “Yes” to the above question, all you have to do is opt-in to receive Brandsdistribution’s push notifications.

At Brandsdistribution we love to get in touch with our customers and make it as easy as possible for them to get the latest arrivals on our catalogue and promotions: we send them two newsletters per week – on Tuesday and Thursday – and a weekly recap on Saturday.

If you prefer to receive real-time promotions, we suggest you enable our push notification.


What are push notifications?

Push Notifications are pop up messages sent by a website to their subscribers’ browsers.

They are clickable messages that appear on the user’s desktop or device even when they are not on the website.

At Brandsdistribution, we send push notifications to inform our customers on the latest arrivals or ongoing promotions.

Enabling our push notifications, you can always be updated on Brandsdistribution’s news, find out first the new arrivals and receive real-time promotions. If you find an interesting offer, for example, just click on it and you will land directly to Brandsdistribution.com


How to enable Brandsdistribution’s push notifications 

You have to opt-in to receive our push notifications:

  • Go to the Brandsdistribution’s homepage
  • Click “allow” when is required to activate the push notifications.


accept push notification


You will receive Brandsdistribution’s news and promotions every day!


push notification - Brandsdistribution

push notification - Brandsdistribution



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