SPARCO FASHION: the collection

The collection of footwear and accessories inspired by the racing world of Sparco Fashion is one of the most appreciated in our catalog. Sold all over the world, it owes its success to an unmistakable character that has made it the most desired by all lovers of the slopes.

Sparco Fashion shoes

What is Sparco

Sparco is a brand that has made the history of engines. It was born in 1977 from the dream of two young drivers to give motorsport more safet. For over 40 years it has worn the great riders, equipped the most admired supercars and the racing cars that have made the history of motorsport.

The racer Alex Thellung wearing Sparco and a model of the new collection

Sparco Fashion

From today the possibility of wearing a Sparco brand garment is no longer a prerogative of professionals only. Sparco has in fact decided to enter the fashion and style market. It made, with IDT spa, the Sparco Fashion brand. The great experience gained in the world of automotive racing equipment was in fact a source of inspiration for a lifestyle collection, designed to accompany the man in everyday life.
So, shoes, clothing and accessories give to any look an inimitable racing touch and a real driving comfort.  For example, with the raised heel of the trainers, inspired by the best pilot shoes.

But not only: the collection of shoes reflects all the trends of the moment, offering a wide selection of models ranging from moccasin to sneakers, through the style motorcyclist boots. Faithful to the technical look of the original line, the models pay homage to the legendary circuits borrowing the names.
Such as the Imola and Monza, made in Italy and 100% genuine leather, with a design that follows the one worn on the most famous slopes. The Imola is a round toe shoe, tight fit, perfect for everyday casual looks. The upper in suede leather and the leather interior make it the ideal footwear for autumn.Monza instead resumes the design of the racing boot, making it accessible and suitable for any outfit.


SP-F3: the most iconic model


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