MDIMODAITALIANA is the first online store directly connected to Brandsdistribution’s catalogue.

MDI Moda Italiana is a young company in the field of made in Italy online clothing distribution for men and women. Thanks to Easy Commerce, they opened their own online store synchronized to our catalogue.

From today, anyone who wants to start their own online business in the fashion field can rely on Brandsdistribution’s Easy Commerce service, which allows all resellers registered on the platform to open their own fashion e-commerce, quickly and affordably.

A convenient turnkey solution, as the website’s owners explain in this interview.




Do you own a physical store or do you sell on Marketplaces?

I am an online clothing retailer and I sell mainly on Ebay and Amazon.

What prompted you to open an online store?

The commissions on sales of these marketplaces are very high, so I thought it was the case to open my online store.

 Why Easycommerce?

Because that is what I was looking for: the easiest way to earn and do business with the highest margins. With EasyCommerce I have a catalogue that gives visibility to less well-known brands such as Ana Lublin or Duca di Morrone, which are difficult to sell on marketplaces. In addition, thanks to the dropshipping service included I do not have to worry about stock and shipping.

 Why Brandsdistribution?

In addition to being a reliable supplier, I was really amazed by the large selection of products available on the catalogue.



The fastest and most affordable solution to develop your online fashion business.

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