“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” sang Marilyn Monroe in the movie Men Prefer Blondes. It was the early fifties and the actress had not yet met the creations of Salvatore Ferragamo. He is the one who would have taught her that a woman’s real best friends are not jewels, but shoes.

Pumps, sneakers, moccasins, sandals, slippers, ankle boots: they are our best daily allies, because they never betray us. Are you not at the top of the shape? Your shoes do not pay attention to the number on the scale.

Does your look need an interesting detail? Look in the shoe rack and you will have the solution. Do you want to give you a gift because it was a bad day, a nice day or just a day where you want to reward yourself? There is a shoe for every mood (and for every budget).

In short, shoes are a girl’s best friend. Provided that you know how to choose the right ones. For your own foot, first of all – not to be cursed the day you bought them – and for the seasonal trends, so you do not find yourself betting everything on the wrong accessory.


MADEINITALIA: the perfect shoe

We already talked about the success of the MADEINITALIA collection: there are many influencers from all over Europe who are choosing to wear this brand.

Confirmation comes from Vanity Fair Italia: the AMERICA model has been chosen as a shoe of the day among over 180 models.

Put it on your website, all your customers will want it!