FIFA 2018: real time marketing to increase sales with the World Cup

Whether you are a football fan or not, probably in the last week you will have seen a football match or cheer for your national team: the 2018 World Cup have started!

Football is part of the cultural identity of our country, a way to get together and, just like a tribe, it becomes a way to share a passion. And it is on this passion that the brands of the most diverse sectors have met in the field of social networks.


Some examples?


Adidas has focused everything on the combination of talent and creativity. They pu on the field 56 characters known for these characteristics, under the aegis of musician Pharrel Williams.
The theme also returns with the slogan #heretocreate and a real campaign dedicated to viewers. In practice, Adidas invites viewers to share photos and videos related to the World Cup on the main social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), through the reference hashtag. Everything must however be subject to the subtitle of the campaign, which reads “athletes stand out for creativity, not for sex or skin color”: a hymn to equality in all its forms, even and especially in the world of sport.


The campaign of the airline dedicated to the world is called “All Together Now” and aims to launch the message that in sport as in real life, despite the diversity, it is nice to meet together with one goal: get to your destination.

The entire campaign was supported by a social media contest titled #onyourfeet, thanks to which viewers become protagonists of videos in which they show off their football skills.


1. The winning role of the omnichannel

Diversify your campaigns.  Be present on as many channels as possible, expanding your catchment area.
2. Hashtag

All advertising campaigns now lead to a keyword. It is a fundamental element to achieve success, creating an echo around your business that allows you to measure the results of your campaign.
3. The importance of the message

Create something unique and exclusive. Make your customers reflect and reinforces the characteristics of your business.


FIFA is very strict when it comes to using protected brands and trademarks for marketing purposes. This does not mean, however, that one of the biggest sporting events in the world can not be used to increase sales.
1. Sell specific products by country!
Who needs official jerseys and logos? After all, the World Cup supports the country’s team! And the use of colors or flags of a country does not infringe the copyright. In this exemple you can see the French flag made with some of our Polos.

2. Special discounts
Create discount codes that follow matches. For example, you could offer your German customers 10% discount for every goal scored by Germany

3. Use your social presence
Create a hashtag for your store and propose prize competitions for your customers!

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