Ana Lublin: customizable shoes are driving people mad on Instagram

When it comes to fashion style, our flagship is unquestionably Ana Lublin.

A fresh, dynamic, colorful collection aimed at young enterprising girls who like to be confident.

The SS18 collection is literally snapping up: sneakers revisited with colored soles, sparkling sandals and inserts of all kinds have created a line that will be hard to forget.

One thing you do not know about these shoes is that most models are customizable.

These are the ones that are better suited to be drawn

Doroteia - White

Momusso for Ana Lublin

In this video you can see Martina Lorusso aka Momusso draw our shoes.

Martina is a highly appreciated graphic designer and she collaborated with important music and film festivals in Italy.

His dreamy style with simple lines is perfect for Ana Lublin.


Offer your customers these shoes and challenge them to customize their favorites!

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