Be Iconical: Duca di Morrone is the brand the young influencers love the most

Brave but elegant, iconic but modern, Duca di Morrone is one of the most appreciated brands by young influencers.

The shoes by Duca di Morrone are designed for creative and versatile young people who are willing to stand out wearing everyday shoes in the urban jungle of the biggest cities.

The final outcome is a shoes collection blending the elegant and refined style of the middle class with the needs of the Millennials, giving life to models with a classic look and a great attention to design and colours of the street culture.

For this reason, many influencers are choosing to wear these very versatile shoes with any outfit.


Raul wearing the model Richard




Andrei wearing the model Andy

If you are looking for a brand of young and trendy men’s footwear to bet on, start selling Duca di Morrone!