Once again we have the pleasure to introduce to you another great customer story!

We had a chat with Elena Kurylova, Business Development Manager of LeBoutique.com, Shopping club #1 in Ukraine.

LeBoutique sells a wide selection of women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, products for children as well as products for home and some others from 8.000 brands.

We asked Elena about her experience with Brandsdistribution’s dropshipping service.


For how many years have you worked with Brandsdistribution.com and what do you think about our Dropshipping service?

We started our collaboration with Brandstribution in 2017 and we are satisfied with the dropshipping service. Brandsdistribution always offers new collections, new brands and make discounts for previous collections.


What is your favourite product? 

Women’s products are our favourite ones. The most popular products on LeBoutique.com are women’s shoes, bags and clothes.


What is the best deal you made so far? 

The best deals we made are Ana Lublin summer shoes and fashion accessories like watches and sunglasses from Calvin Klein and Diesel.


What do you think about e-commerce in the different country you work?

At the moment we work only in Ukraine but we plan to start our activity in other countries too.

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