We joined ACOTEX, the Business Organization of Textile Trade, Accessories and Leather in Spain. ACOTEX integrates brands, designers, stores and eCommerce, bringing together more than 15,000 points of sale in the national territory and brands such as Inditex, H&M, Cortefiel, El Ganso or Intropia. This is a great achievement for us and a big news for all our Spanish retailers.

Our goal

The goal of our company to partner with Acotex is to consolidate our project in Spain and strengthen our relationship with the most prominent Spanish retail players, members of this business organization.
The decision to partner with ACOTEX is another step in the wake of our rapid growth in Spain, the market in which we landed in June 2017. The company’s forecast is to close the year with a turnover of around 2, 5 million euros in Spain, a figure more than remarkable if one takes into account the short history of the firm in this country. Spanish professional customers already have 25,000 online and offline multi-brand stores, which will contribute to the company’s overall turnover in 2017, compared to 20.6 million euros in 2016.
“The association of Brandsdistribution with Acotex responds to our objective of strengthening the links of our distribution platform with Spanish fashion stores and brands, which have enthusiastically welcomed our value proposition and our commitment to the online channel”, explains the COO and co-founder of Brandsdistribution.com, Carlo Tafuri. “In Acotex we are going to meet with great professionals of the textile trade in Spain, with a very valuable experience, and with those who want to continue growing together and make available to them their catalog of brands and stock with special promotions for the stores integrated in Acotex “.

The benefits of collaboration

The integration of our platform in Acotex will allow the access of the associated stores to the extensive Brandsdistribution brand catalog under special conditions and exclusive promotions. In the case of fashion brands that are part of the association, there are many possibilities for international expansion. In addition, to start this collaboration, we decided to offer a 5% discount to all businesses (online and offline) ACOTEX partners who wish to use Brandsdistribution. The promotion will be effective in all stock orders made through the platform.
For its part, Acotex will allow us a closer relationship with brands and associated designers, and is that another of the objectives of Brandsdistribution is to incorporate new proposals of Spanish origin in its long catalog, which is distributed worldwide. In this way, the Spanish brands can count on Brandsdistribution to make the international jump. In fact, we distribute  in 173 countries around the world and that it is in such important markets as the United States, where we landed in 2012. Brandsdistribution has a catalog of more than 500,000 products for its professional clients.
Excellent reception of Brandsdistribution in Spain
If the entry of Brandsdistribution in Acotex will mark the first milestone of the our company in Spain in this new year, the year 2017 has been an exercise full of success for the Italian firm in that country. In addition to the arrival of the distribution platform in Spain in June 2017, which has allowed 25,000 stores to be added to its customer base, Brandsdistribution was very successful in the Black Friday campaign, which allowed it to increase its sales in November 50% more compared to the previous month.
In addition, Brandsdistribution has signed exclusive agreements with key brands such as the CR7 underwear line created by Cristiano Ronaldo for professional distribution in Spain and Italy. We are also exclusively distribute brands such as Sparco Fashion.