Unexpected Marketplace #2: How to sell on Pinterest

Last week we explained how to sell through Facebook. Did you know that if you are a retailer you can also sell on Pinterest? Start selling your products on this social network is easy: follow our guide!

What is Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a free service that is like an online pinboard—mostly for collecting  images. It lets users share photos and videos of products, lifestyle, interior design, places, idea and of everythings they’re intrested or inspired by.

You can create as many boards for your pins as you want, which is great for organization.

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Pinterest users interact with each other through liking, commenting, and repinning each other’s stuff. That’s what makes it such a hot social network.​

Pinterest grew by 97% in 2016 and has 150 million monthly active users, making it one of the fastest growing social networks.

Pinterest drives three times more web traffic to other sites than Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and StumbleUpon combined. That’s right — combined.

This is why you should conside to open your own profile on this social network.

Pinterest can be an effective way to generate interest in your products and brand, since it allows Pinterest users who are already interested in your offerings to easily and organically share them on their own boards and with their own followers.

Through Buyable Pins you can only sell your products via Pinterest. How?

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Set your business account


Whether you’re an established brand, a non-profit organization, or a blogger, you can join Pinterest for free as a business. You can make a new business profile or convert your current one.

We have two sets of terms—one for people and one for businesses. If you’re using Pinterest for business purposes or as part of how you make a living, you should sign up for a business profile and agree to our Business Terms of Service.

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Convert your personal account to a business profile

Log in to your profile

Follow this link to convert to a business account – https://www.pinterest.com/business/convert/

Fill out your information and click Done

Converting to a business profile will not affect your Pins, boards, and followers.


What are Buyable Pins?

uyable Pins are pins that allow users to purchase a product within the Pinterest platform. All they have to do is tap the blue buy it button at the top of the right hand corner and fill in their credit card information, and the product is purchased like any other e-commerce site.

People who wish to buy products using Buyable pins can pay using Apple Pay or a credit card.


Buyable Pins : sell your products on Pinterest for free

Activation: You have to go on https://www.demandware.com/pages/pinterest

Let’s Start

Once you’ve been approved to use Buyable Pins, it may take up to five days for your Pins to activate. You’ll know your Pins are ready when you see a blue Shop link appear on your Pinterest profile page. All of your active Buyable Pins will show on this board, so it’s the best place to check which of your Pins are currently shoppable.

Pinners see Buyable Pins in their home feed, in category feeds, in search results, on your profile and on other Pinners’ boards. Your Buyable Pins will show in more results if you save them to additional boards beyond your automatic Shop board.

Every Buyable Pin should include a blue price tag. If your Buyable Pins still don’t show prices after a week, please use our troubleshooting guide below.

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How To Make a Buyable Pin

We’ll use your product feed to create your first batch of Buyable Pins. We’ll match your feed to existing Pins to figure out which of your products are already on Pinterest. Our system will automatically create Buyable Pins for every product match we find. If your feed includes products that aren’t on Pinterest yet, you’ll want to create new Pins for those products.

To create a Buyable Pin from scratch, just follow the standard Pin creation process. As long as the Pin’s URL points to a product detail page at your online store, the Pin will activate as a Buyable Pin.

To boost impressions, you should create additional Pins beyond the Pins we generate for you. You can use alternative image shots for these new Pins so your products are more discoverable to more people.

Why isn’t my Pin buyable?

If it’s been more than a week since your Buyable Pins were approved, you should see a blue “Add to bag” button on each individual Buyable Pin. If you don’t, your Pins aren’t properly activated. Here are some common issues:


Ineligible products

Some of your products may have been rejected if they are against our policies. Examples of ineligible products include:

Customizable products

Non-physical goods, like digital downloads

Adult products and services

The wrong URL: Each Buyable Pin must point to an exact URL for that specific product’s detail page at your online store. The following types of URLs do not work for Buyable Pins:

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URLs that lead to category pages

Shortened URLs


URLs with primary domains that don’t match the website listed on your Pinterest profile

Out of stock products: When a product is out of stock in your online store, it won’t appear as a Buyable Pin on Pinterest. Once your product is back in stock, the add to bag button will automatically appear again.

Tips to improe your buyable Pins




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