3 tips for e-commerce marketing on Valentine’s day

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The most romantic day of the year is coming. Can you feel love in the air? Or maybe, sales opportunities?

Valentine’s day is considered one of the busiest holidays buiying season of the year. This is why it’s important for you being ready. Follow our tips to stand out with your marketing campaign!

Add a V-Day section on your website

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Dedicate a Valentine’s section on your website to showcase the products available “For Him” and For Her”. Use an appealing formula like “The most desired” or “Make her feel special”. This will make navigation easier.

The second goal is to show products in an atttractive and romantic way: don’t stress out your customers. Incentive them to buy your products with a gift guide and a 24h superdeals!

You can also switch up your logo to show you care!


Social Native Advertising

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According to theshelf.com, 71% of customers make purchase decisions based on social media referrals.

Target your Valentins Day customers. Most of the social networks give you a full range of targeting options like “gender”, “age” or “relationship status”. In this way it’s easy to send your message to the right audience. Try to be creative and differentiate your message. Why don’t bet on singles with a “Treat yourself” ads?


Don’t Waste Time?main image

Time is everything. Keep in mind the perfect timing: A month before it’s too early, a week before it’s too late to communicate your promotions. But hey, also don’t forget the last minute purchases!