We believe in innovation: Brandsdistribution invests 3 million in startups

Brandsdistribution.com, a Turin-based company active in the online business-to-business distribution of clothing and fashion accessories, has developed a fundraising project that focuses on new digital companies in the fashion and cosmetics sectors, with the involvement of Italian, German, Swedish and Romanian investors.

With the aim of becoming the hub of the European digital ecommerce, Brandsdistribution has collected over the past three years 3 million euros invested in three digital strartups.

Fashionup.ro, SkinLabo and Letsell are the three companies it has invested in.

From a small Romanian ecommerce website, for example, in just 36 months Fashionup.ro became the “first fashion-market place in Romania and one of the most performing in Central and Eastern Europe, winning over 2 million customers. The value of fashionup.ro is 30 times higher since the start of the investment and the turnover has gone from less than 500,0000 euros to almost 10 million euros in 2017 “, explained the company in a statement.

Brandsdistribution investe 3 milioni nelle startup

Carlo Tafuri, COO @ Brandsdistribution.com

“As Brandsdistribution we are very proud of the digital projects that we have contributed to launch over the last three years and which have represented for us a very important challenge because they have allowed us to test our know-how in the ecommerce market and in the fashion industry , two areas that together are increasingly unstoppable “, said Carlo Tafuri, coo of Brandsdistribution.com.

We believe in innovation

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