Easy Holiday Promotions to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

Christmas is finally here! You can hear the songs of your childhood and the smell of the biscuits but… you can’t stop to manager your business now:IT’S ALSO SALE TIME!

Look up and around and you will be pleasantly amused by the offers, deals and marketing strategies of the retail giants across the globe. Yes, businesses are leveraging the holiday season for increasing conversions and in boosting their sales.

You’re not alone in this battle: we’re giving you some tips to drive traffic and boost your sales!


1. Promotion-a-day giveaway

Because spending money is on so many people’s’ minds, the holidays are the most obvious time of year for a business to promote a sale or discount. Not only does it help customers to save money, it can also be a great opportunity for businesses to clear out their inventory for the new year, and of course, drive up traffic and sales.


Consider doing a different promotion for each of the days before and after Christmas. Promotions could either be a percent discount, money off a purchase, or a free gift with purchase.


Looking for a good idea to start? STAR WARS was released today in all theatres: amaze your customers with our t-shirts offering them a give-away “share&win” on your social media!

2. Hashtag contest

Who doesn’t love a good #hashtag?

When planning your hashtag contest, keep in mind that virality is your goal. Keep your hashtag short and catchy, pair it with a few other relevant and trending hashtags, and be sure to promote it on all your social media platforms.


In terms of digital sweepstakes, Pinterest contests are reasonably new, but they’re a fun and interactive way to get your leads and customers involved with your business and brand.

Generally, these type of contests involves asking pinners to:

  • follow your company’s Pinterest page
  • create a pinboard with the title of your campaign
  • pin pins from your company’s boards and/or pins related to your campaign’s theme (holiday-related, of course), and include a hashtag‒designated by you‒in the description of each pin, and (in some cases)
  • fill out a contact form to formally enter the contest

Keep in mind that on our Photo Download Gallery you will find pictures and videos to use for your strategy.

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