IMPERIAL: the hightest expression of functional Fashion


Imperial is a clothing brand offering collections always up-to-date with the new trends.
Lines with an innovative design, vintage touches and bon-ton recalls create a collection for women who are looking for articles with a minimalist and modern elegance, perfect for any occasion.
Imperial is a brand by Imperial Fashion, the leading company in the Made in Italy fast-fashion sector.


Imperial was founded in 1978 with the idea of spreading the concept of personal style. Adriano Aere and Emilia Giberti developed the idea of “fast-fashion”. This process is truly important for the fashion market: it asnwer to the needs of. a constant change.

Today, they supervise a staff of more than 200 employess, 80 mono-brand stores worldwide and a network of direct product distributors.

The company continued growth and the increased recognition of the Imperial brand is reflected in its fashion-functional style.

The study of cuts styles and fabrics represent a taste for experimentation, a value chosen to identify the contemporary, democrati and metropolitan fashion that the brand strives for.


We signed a distribution agreement with Imperial that allows us to offer you the Autumn / Winter 2017 collection from today on our site. Let it inspire you: the class and a 100% Italian production give birth to iconic models, simply must-have