Dropshipping starting from 58€/month: 3 new plans for your business

Dropshipping: Why?

In one of our latest posts we’ve talked about the good reasons that a retailer should consider drop shipping: a broad product offering, come to market quickly, the possibility of explore new lines, the reduction of the costs of investement and the possibility of having more time.

Today is a great day if you’ve considered the possibilty to become a drop shipper with Brandsdistribution: there are 3 new different plans!

Reselling the fashion products by the best brands has never been easier.

More than 300,000 items ready for delivery.

You sell, we ship!

3 different plans*

*if you are already one of our dropshippers, contact us to receive further information on our new plans

We developed new prices to make your business grow with us, starting from 58€/month only!

Those who approach to e-commerce for the first time need more than a month to get the first results.
Our yearly or half-annual plans offer a great savings over your monthly plan, saving you up to € 489!
Our personal assistants will help you understand which are the best products for your market and thay will send you personalized suggestions or dedicated promotions.


3 different plans, one service.

 Choose your favorite one and try our dropshipping service immediately.


Become a dropshipper with Brandsdistribution

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