La Vanguardia: Brandsdistribution is changing the fashion world using the AI

La Vanguardia is the most important daily newspaper in Spain.

They wrote an article about how the AI is changing the fashion world and they quoted our company for our innovative system that recognizes products through images by automating uploads on the site.

We are also working on predictive analytics: predictive marketing uses advanced analytics methodologies to understand a customer’s past behavioral profile, specifically the unique drivers of the individual’s behavior, to predict their future behavior. It provides a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences into marketing processes. Another important improvement is about chatbot. We’re hardly working on this system, we’re going to launch it on our platform soon. It will work By being able to get help 24/7 from a fully automated chat agent that answer our customers questions, online shoppers are more confident and can get simple issues resolved quickly, which allow them to validate their purchases instead of abandoning their cart.


Here you can read the online version