Success story: interview to Alin V. Stanciu, founder & MD of FashionUP


  1. How’s the online Romanian market going?

The online Romanian market is seeing a huge development, thanks to the continuous growth of the GDP. Romanians are eager and eager to buy famous brands and the online world is perfect as it’s not always possible to find the desired products in the shops.


  1. What are the most sold products on FUP?

Among the accessories, the best ones are surely the bags by Pierre Cardin, shoes and bags by V1969 and downjackets and bags by Fontana, for which the “made in Italy” is much appreciated.

Two products are being a true revelation: Ana Lublin and Arnaldo Toscani’s shoes, whose sellout has been a real surprise!


  1. How important are social media for you?

Very important indeed as they lead customers towards their choices and allow them to interact with our website. In this way the customer becomes an active character.


  1. What are your projects for the future?

At the moment we are very focused on the Romanian market, but starting from 2017 we’ll start looking to other eastern countries.


  1. What’s the importance of mobile devices to you?

They’re becoming more and more important, of course.

Customers now switch from laptops to tablets to smartphones while buying online, there’s no difference for them. Therefore it’s becoming more and more important to understand their behaviour, what influences and determines their desires, to captivate them into their cross-device experience. Mobile devices are used a lot by our customers, not only to look for products but also to buy them.


(from the left: Alin V. Stanciu, founder & MD of FashionUP and Michele Contrini, our CFO)