Another Brandsdistribution innovation

New look   

Our motto is “always ahead of times” and this concerns every single aspect, from the product to the distribution channel, from the IT system to the look.
We believe that it all starts from the product. Having a great IT system is useless if the offer is not adequate, but if we only focused on the product we couldn’t be always ahead of times.
Brandsdistribution is today the first online platform as for branded products distribution: more than 100 dropshippers are downloading our online catalogue and are doing business on many b2c websites selling our products. A few of them are also connected to our platform in real time, with constant updates on the availability of the products.
Today Brandsdistribution becomes more than that! A few months ago we asked one of the best Italian IT services providers to change the look of our website, still remaining faithful to our principle: always head of times… After months of meetings, brainstorming, tests, we got to the result you see online. We’re really satisfied of it and we hope you’ll like it too.
However, we didn’t make this choice only for an aesthetic reson: for sure our website is more beautiful, easier to browse and it better highlights some products, but this is not what we would call “the innovative aspect”.
What makes a huge difference is that today’s new could BE YOUR SITE. Just choose a different head and different slides and you will get your own copy of Brandsdistribution; you will immediately start doing online B2C business with the best of the websites, and just have to focus on marketing!
That’s why we renewed our website: we want our partner b2c websites to have the best design. Enough with stockpiles, enough with going around the world to look for stock, enough with wrong purchases! All you have to worry about is to generate traffic on your website. We’ll think about the rest.
Either you are an Ebay Powerseller, an Amazon seller, a fashion blogger, an online community, you’ll have a powerful tool: our new DO YOUR SITE service! In very few weeks you’ll have your own logo and your own website, full of branded products at very reduced prices, ready to boost your e-commerce business!
According to our motto, we always like to be ahead of times. What we learned in all these years is that we like to do this with all our partners.