Ana Lublin Shoes ss2013

This is a brand we’re really fond of, as if it was our creature.
Since the beginning, the partnership between our production/distribution channel and the Swedish-Brazilian designer Ana Lublin has been extremely successful: many customers from over 50 countries bought Ana Lublin shoes. 
Being encouraged by our huge success, we significantly developed our spring/summer collection. We added many references and colours and paid attention to the slightest detail, even the boxes. 
The shoes will now come in a beautiful cobalt blue box with a silver logo. The key article of the collection are the flats, Ana Lublin’s leading product. The perfect everyday shoes, they need to be cute, appealing, but most importantly comfortable. Comfort is what Ana Lublin focuses on. All shoes have been tried on many times to make sure that not only are customers satisfied for the price but also for the product.
Of course we can’t forget cost effectiveness: flats cost only 9,9 euros! That’s a super price!!! We felt confident, that’s why we bought over 20.000 new pairs. We challenge you to find 10 euros worth flats with the same quality without being asked for a minimum order. Only fools could afford this and we certainly are!  This year’s news is that you can pre-order the quantities we’ll receive in early February. By ordering them now and paying just a 20% deposit, you’ll have an exclusive 5% discount. That’s another reason to give Ana Lublin a bigger space in your shop and we’re sure that in the next few years that space will become bigger and bigger!!!