No Minimun Order Week

As ours is a B2B site and aimed, therefore, exclusively at retailers, our margins are very low and so we have to set a minimum order to justify the cost of the logistics and of customer care.
We have always set the minimum order at 500 euros for EU countries and at 2000 euros for non-EU countries, considered acceptable for retailers; we do realise, however, that factors such as trust and the risk of making purchases online can often put off people who can consider the threshold of 500 euros to be rather high.
We have already convinced thousands of customers that our service and products are ones of a kind, and we believe there is nothing better than to try these out directly; this week, we have therefore decided to make an exception and remove the minimum order.
For 7 days only you will, therefore, be able to make purchases WITHOUT ANY MINIMUM ORDER: an excellent occasion to give us a try.