Thank You

Dear Customers,
thanks to your scoring of our post-sales questionnaire we have changed a number of different aspects of our website to meet your needs.
The following are the new aspects on our website:
          You can order stock in terms of the latest items or on the basis of the highest possible discount by using the panel located on the right hand side above the items
          We have inserted a search box: by typing what you are looking for in the box (e.g. polo neck, or Diesel) the related products in our catalogue will appear
          We have inserted a slider in the brands search bars on the side of the screen, thus making it easier to scroll through all the brands and categories
          We have inserted a phrase in the 7 days to highlight the fact that deliveries are made 7-10 days after sales are completed
          You can find your tracking number in your profile, which will allow you to directly trace your shipment on the DHL website
          We have changed the photographic layout, thereby giving more prominence to the products
Your contribution is important to help us improve our service, and we hold your opinion in high esteem. Being the most successful business in b2b designer fashion distribution does not mean that we forget how important it is to continue trying to improve our service day after day.
Should there be any aspects not covered by the questionnaire we would kindly ask you to send an e-mail to our Customer Care department , and we can assure you that it will be taken into consideration, since your opinion is very important to us.