Lola Peita


Who is Lola?

The 90’s in Spain: the post-revolutionary, nonconformist years, a time when forcefully stating your passions was unacceptable, especially for a woman.
Maria Lola Martinez often skipped school to go down to the port of Barcelona, taking along her imagination and a few sheets of drawing paper. She stayed there until late in the day, creating abstract illusions of bodies united by colourful passions, portraits of curves shouting out their femininity in an overly oppressive, stereotyped world. Her eclectic imagination hypnotised the Spanish art critics, who called her Lolapeita because of her rebellious art that went beyond the usual schemes. Images as free as the old town, the true heart of Barcelona, with its winding patched-up streets and marvellously picturesque architecture.


Painting is the path through which to shake up women’s emotional sphere and lead them to reflect on how great it is to be free, forever.
Lolapeita is inspired by 20th century Spanish art, with an irreverent mood that goes against the flow: ever since she was small the painter has been strongly influenced by Pablo Picasso and the Pink Period in Cubism, by Salvador Dalì’s extreme Symbolism and Antoni Gaudì’s Modernism.
An eclectic painter, and recently an extraordinary photography too, she uses provocative images and irreverent colours as a tool for communication: choosing to pursue your dreams, no matter what they may be, means following your instincts and finally deciding to be yourself, with no limits.


The artist’s message is clear: there is nothing that love cannot do. Social prejudices, a widespread false morality, having people tell us what is the right thing to do, what is the right thing to say, generates noise and a lack of communication between our heart and our instinct. Art cannot be bounded in a segment; there is nothing to which it cannot add colour; and this is its strongest analogy with love, which must be fearlessly revealed in all its forms, accepted with all its implications. Without differentiating by gender, religion or skin colour: if you listen to it, you will never be wrong.


Lolapeita offers an exclusive collection of women’s t-shirts representing a post-modern version of the artist’s original drawings on canvas and photographs, in an irreverent mood with special value: a way of breaking away from normality and freeing women’s emotions.
Art is necessarily an expression of our times, of our true essence: art is participation, marvel, reflection; in painting as in photography, it represents the place where the subject of the image and the onlooker come together, promising an infinite exchange of sensations. Forcefully reclaiming one’s instincts, denouncing the dichotomy inherent in the way public opinion judges women’s actions, declaring female power, demolishing false morality, criticising the limitations imposed by religion and unconditionally declaring the power of love above all: these are the themes inspiring LolaPeita’s art.

Lolapeita is spreading all over the world: if you are interested in buying or in distribution these are the Lolapeita contacts:
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