Brema History

BREMA – Created in 1969 by Bruno Gioli. Due to his passion for off road motorcycling and the
lack of satisfactory product on the market at the time, his passion met with his need and the
company was born.
AESTHETICS – Brema was the first company in the world of motorcycle racing to create an essential
and modern aesthetic.
RESISTANT FABRICS – The substitution of traditional materials, such as leather and oil treated
cottons, permitted the realization of new items in comfortable fibers and fabrics, satisfying the
new technical requirements of passionate motorcyclists.
BREATHABILITY – Already in 1970 Brema understood the value of breathability in his fabrics.
Jackets were realized in a combination of cotton with polyester, therefore adding breathability to
fiber resistance.
PROTECTION – Brema also brought important evolution to the sector in protection; it was their
idea to applying removable pads to the outside of the clothing, offering better fitting garments
with the benefit of protection when necessary.
TECHNCIAL THAT DOESN’T LOOK TECHNICAL – Typical of Brema is the possibility to freely
use the garments even outside of the specialized world that it was born for and today it can be
said that in this regard they were ahead of their time.
MOVABILITY – The insertion of elastic bands to pants and jackets favored a freedom of movement
formerly unknown.
CONSTRUCTION – Particular attention was given to the direction of the stitching of the items,
which when done in a certain direction and tension offered added resistance. Nothing was left
to chance.
NO BLACK – “Innovation” not only in the technical aspects, fit and design, but also in the use
of color; in a world dominated by black clothing, for Brema this was a color inexistent. Therefore
great us of red, blue, yellow…, a true revolution.
2000 – Giovanni Barocci, with his desire to create motorcycle clothing, remembers the great
logo on the sleeve that was characteristic of Brema and after a meeting with the original owner,
acquires the brand. In function of a market then changed, adds to the technical line, the DNA of
the brand, a first travel collection.
2010 – Brema decides that it is the moment for a further step in evolving the brand and finds
Roberto Menichetti the person to entrust the creative direction; his grand passion for the motorcycle
and wealth of experience matured through years of collaborations with noted brands in the
panorama of fashion, will be in motorcycling terms, the right engine for the collaboration