Dropshipping Now Available

We had a lot of request about the dropshipment service and finally it is available !!! With a click you can download all our catalogue in xls,xml or csv photos and descriptions included. The link to download the dropshipping file is the following dropshipping and it can be downloaded only after having activated the service, at the cost of 400 euros + vat per month (the 30 days start from the activation date of the service).
There are no limits to the download, you will be able to download it any time of the day.
Once obtained the order from the final client (we reccomend not to deliver the order until the reception of the payment from the customer) you will be able to enter our platform and deliver the order with no minimum order in two ways:
1) in case of direct delivery to the client: insert the client’s data in the shipping details, once we have received the payment, the order will be confirmed and within 24-48 hours (working days) we will ship the items to the final client (service guaranteed by DHL, responsible of all our logistics cycle). You will receive a tracking of our shipping whilst your client will receive from us an anonymouos ddt. It will be your responsibility to provide an invoice of the objects bought by your client. This service is available in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, England, Italy, Greece, France, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain (Balearic Islands), Sweden and Holland.
Costs of private shippings are the following:

1kg  – 6.9 euros
2 kg – 10.50 euros
3 kg – 13.50 euros
4 kg – 16.5 euros
5 kg – 19.9 euros

In case you do not belong to one of the listed countries or have a volume of over 2.000 euros weekly we would reccomend to use option 2 (cumulative). To know the single shipping cost of each product please view the weight of each single product on the the dropshipping file which is calculated on a volumetric scheme.
2) Cumulative: you will be able to group more than one order in different days and have them shipped to one of your venues and then deliver them to the client. If you are intersted in this option you will be sent a screenshot on how to proceed with order.  All returned  items will be accepted for up to 10 days after delivery, following the required return procedure and returning the item to our DHL logistic, once received back the item a reimbursment will be activated.
All orders received are considered reserved but will not be shipped until the payment has been received via bank transfer, credit card or paypal (in this option a 2% extra charge will be added).
The cost of the service is of 400 euros + vat  due to the ad hoc  assistance which has been structured for this selling mean, for the software development, the photo shoots and logistics organization. It is a fairly low price considering that with only 1000 euros monthly turnover you will receive a gain with no risk of having articles in warehouse. To proceed with the activation you will have to send us via email to dropshipment@brandsdistribution.com your company data (unless already present in our data base) and we will send you a note with the activation of the service, once we have received the payment the service will be active within 24 working hours and will be active for 30 days.