We have 20.000 Fashion Retailers Members

It seems amazing, even to us, an incredible result for a company of Turin with limited funds behind.
Only hard work and a marvelous staff has allowed us to reach this level which 5 years ago was still unbelievable.
BRANDSDISTRIBUTION is FIRST IN THE WORLD as B2B of fashion brands…even for us hard to believe…
There are many people we would like to thank: DHL, used to our typical question:” it arrived this morning, can it leave this afternoon??”; Wire, Sergio and Maria two engineers who are worth 40; Unicredit, the firts bank who gave us a loan; Angelo the first person who believed in us; Alberto, Matteo, Italo, Sergio a group of special people who allowed us to come up with always new products; IWSMILE etc…the list is long…but certainly a special thank you goes to you all…
Only thanks to your trust in us we have been able to arrive where we are..
To our retailers who trusted in us with their first 500 euros order and increasing every time, to you goes a very special thank you…without your trust all this would be worthless..
This is why today as tomorrow our first concern is deserving your trust with an always better and more efficient service with exclusive and advantageous products, an ample selection etc..