Founded in Barcelona in 2012 by two Dutch guys, Marc Zinck Stagno and Mark Knapen, Subasta de Ocio has become the Fastest Growing Startup in Spain, currently counting around 500.000 users.

We had the opportunity to ask the Product Manager, Yolanda Martín, some questions about the partnership with Brandsdistribution.

Here’s what she said. Enjoy the reading!

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Let’s talk about your online business. Tell us something about Subasta de Ocio

We think the best way to define Subasta de Ocio is that we convert over-capacity into great opportunities. Every minute there are many empty hotel rooms, unused restaurants deals or a pair of shoes that our partners offer. So we connect these products with our community in a fun way: auctions.


For how many years have you worked with and what do you think about the service they offer you?

We think our commercial relationship with Brandsdistribution was destined to be a successful one from day 1. Why? Well… we started our collaboration with them last year, on Black Friday, with a huge success! It was a special beginning for a special commercial relationship.


What is your favourite product?

Sparco F1 trainers shoes of course! Our users are crazy about them. And a lot of our 40 Subasta de Ocio employees wear the Sparco F1 trainers. It is really nice to see how our users share this product with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We love our stories from our customers!


What is the best deal you made so far?

Nolan Sunglasses and No Limits Watches are the best (with Sparco F1 trainers of course). We include them in every promo we have and they always work. Our CEO used to say: “I do not care what kind of campaigns you create but make sure you include these three products. If you do it, you will have a successful campaign.”


What do you think about e-commerce in Spain?

We think we still have a long way to go. People are now getting used to our auctions and deciding how much they want to pay. Subasta de Ocio is feeding a growing e-commerce trend, a price-oriented customer and a great mobile UX with a great app. In June, we won an award for being one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe. We competed with the best and that proves that there is room to grow even faster with the incredible team and talent we have in Barcelona, Spain!


And what about you?

Be the next Brandsdistribution success story!

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