CLASSY Back to School

Most Back-to-School Shopping begins now, Don’t Miss Out!

You probably thought you missed out on the back-to-school rush this year but actually, a majority of the customers who will be doing that shopping could be heading to your store at this very moment.

As the summer season nears the end, families will venture home from their vacations and head straight to your store for their annual back-to-school shopping spree.


Consumers are willing to explore beyond their regular fallback stores and spread their budgets across a wider variety of retailers.

As these focused consumers demonstrate their willingness to spend more of their time and money across multiple destinations, businesses have the chance to attract new potential customers with Back2School-related deals.

Back-to-school shoppers are much more likely to visit specialty retailers than one-stop stores for certain types of goods, such as shoes/athletic gear (6.6 times more likely) and apparel (3.8 times more likely).


After School Begins

Consumers continue to shop online for back-to-school items for as long as a month after in-store sales taper off at the end of August.

Shoes: kicking up purchases by as much as 600%


Apparel: retailers see two major spending sprees in the fall



Don’t miss out the opportunity to restock your store with new items!